General Middle School KAIAC Jamboree Guidelines

2. In line with the M.S. philosophy, all M.S. sports will have a minimum of three jamborees, not including developmental tournaments. Middle School Jamboree philosophy applies to all sports. 

3. The purpose of the jamboree format is to provide students with the opportunity to put into practice the skills they are learning.

4. The M.S. KAIAC member schools have an agreement that jamboree formats may have to vary due to safety and facility restrictions of individual schools.

5. At least two weeks prior to the first jamboree of each season, participating schools will post on on the M.S. KAIAC website the number of teams and A.M. or P.M. preference for each jamboree. Information (A.M./P.M. start time; number of teams; etc.) will be sent out to jamboree participants by Monday morning the week of the jamboree.

6. Safety procedures outlined in the KAIAC By-Laws in Section IV, Article K, should be followed for all M.S. KAIAC jamborees. Regarding eye wear, only sports goggles with a strap, contact lenses, or nothing at all is permitted.

7. All teams will play an equal number of games. Three games per team is the expectation for jamborees and teams will be scheduled against different teams when possible. No playoffs or elimination of teams will occur in the jamborees. If most teams are scheduled for more than three games, consent from all schools affected should be received before doing so. Schedules will be made so that matchups are between schools in the same division, with the understanding that cross-division matchups can still take place. (May 2023)

8. School coaches should ensure that all members of their team receive equal playing time throughout the jamboree.

9. Teams must be composed of a mixture of grade levels and abilities. The exceptions are in soccer, volleyball, and basketball where students of lesser size and skill shall be assigned to B teams for safety precautions. The remaining students will be assigned to A teams.

10. No stacked or star-studded teams will be permitted to participate in the jamborees. This rule does not apply to developmental tournaments.

11. All schools are expected to maintain minimum ratios of one adult for every two teams that attend a jamboree.

12. Where possible, adult coaches should be assigned to each team for supervision. Regardless, each team should have a high school student or adult coach while the team plays.

13. Each school will be required to provide referees, timers, or marshals at specified times throughout the day at jamborees.

14. The use of high school student referees is permitted only in volleyball, or unless refereeing with an adult in soccer and basketball.

15. Overall team results will not be recorded.

16. When applicable, a timekeeper will keep the official game time. There will be a minimum of three (3) minutes between games in soccer, and five (5) minutes in volleyball and basketball.

17. Ejection Procedure: Any player can be ejected from a game for poor sportsmanship, showing flagrant disrespect for the officials, repeated violations, or reckless play.

18. Jewelry or other like accessories should not be worn at any time during athletic competitions.

19. If a school misses the first M.S. KAIAC meeting in August without any communication and confirmation of the jamborees they are scheduled to host for the Fall/Winter seasons, those jamborees will be reassigned to a school in attendance.

20. If a school withdraws from a jamboree after the posted deadline, the school will be restricted from attending the end of season tournament. If the cancellation is for the tournament, the school will be restricted from attending the following sport’s tournament.

21. MS students are eligible when he/she has not reached his/her 15th birthday prior to August 1st (Aug 2019) of that school year. If this is the case, he/she will remain eligible for the remainder of the year. Waiver requests can be presented to MS KAIAC with a two-thirds majority required for approval.