MS KAIAC Championships

General Middle School KAIAC Championship Guidelines

1. Although MS KAIAC is committed to providing middle school students with enjoyable experiences, the opportunity to develop athletic and life skills, and experience success through knowledgeable instruction and positive role models, we also have a responsibility to address the needs of our more gifted athletes. For this purpose, each sport will be allowed to hold an end of season tournament to aid in their athletic development.

2. Tournament name is MS KAIAC Championship for all sports. 

3. Each tournament must be held after each sport has held at least three jamborees. Furthermore, current seasons will not be shortened or otherwise compromised for the sake of holding or participating in these tournaments.

4. The tournament host will send out a form for a season report to include the results of the tournament as well as feedback on the season and tournament.

a. The tournament host will gather information to post on the MS KAIAC Athletics website. Information will include the championship final score and an All- Tournament team.

b. The tournament report will also be sent to the KAIAC webmaster to be displayed on the MS results tab, as well as preserved for historical reference.

5. Tournaments will follow most of the jamboree guidelines, but there are some exceptions. Changes will be listed below. One notable change is teams are not required to give players equal playing time. Playing time will be solely at the discretion of each team’s coach.

6. All teams will be single-gender with the sole exception of table tennis. However, girls may play on boys’ teams if the school does not have a girls’ team.

7. Schools wishing to participate in the KAIAC Championship must play at least one A team during jamborees. If not, then that school will not be allowed to participate.

8. Safety procedures outlined in the KAIAC By-Laws in Section IV, Article K, should be followed for all M.S. KAIAC tournaments. Regarding eye wear, only sports goggles with a strap, contact lenses, or nothing at all is permitted.

9. Only adults are allowed to coach tournament teams.

10. Officiating is expected to be at a higher level than jamborees due to having more advanced players. Schools are expected to provide adults knowledgeable in the sport to ensure the safety of the players is maintained. Furthermore, referees are expected to strictly enforce rules more so than at jamborees. No warnings will be issued on violations of play. Only issues dealing with sportsmanship may receive a warning.

11. Only adults are allowed to referee tournament games. Furthermore, elimination rounds require two adult referees. Paid referees will be used at tournaments, primarily in the elimination rounds.

12. Prior to beginning the tournament, a coaches and officials’ meeting should be held.

13. Entries: each M.S. KAIAC school will be allowed one team per sport. For table tennis, each school will be allowed two entries for both singles and doubles.

14. Team tournaments will consist of pool play followed by elimination rounds. Table tennis will only have elimination rounds.

15. The team tournament champion will receive a championship plaque provided by KAIAC.

16. Table tennis finalists will be awarded medals.

17. Each participating team will receive a certificate for one player of the tournament. Teams that reach the final will receive two player of the tournament selections. Swim teams that finish first and second will also receive two selections. These will be provided by the host.

18. All semi-finalists are required to stay until the conclusion of the final.

19. A short presentation will follow the final to recognize the All-Tournament team and award the championship plaque.

20. The tournament host will gather information to post on the MS KAIAC Athletics website. Information will include the championship final score and an All- Tournament team.

21. Tie-breakers for seeding in soccer and basketball will follow the KAIAC tournament guidelines:

1st) Win – Loss Record (Soccer Points: win=3, draw=1)

2nd) Head-to-head Results

3rd) Points/goals allowed in all games

4th) Point/goal differential in all games

5th) Points/goals scored in all games

6th) Draw lots

22. Tie-breakers for seeding in volleyball will use the following guidelines:

1st) Win – Loss Record

2nd) Head-to-head Results

3rd) Largest point differential in all games

4th) Points scored in all games

5th) Points allowed in all games

6th) Draw lots

23. The MS KAIAC Cup will be awarded annually to the school in each division (Black and Gold) that accumulates the most points within each school year. Points will be awarded for 1st Place (2 points) and 2nd Place (1 point) finishes in the following MS KAIAC Championship events: 

A traveling trophy will be awarded to the school with the most points at the conclusion of each school year. The winning school will have their school name engraved on the trophy, along with the year in which they won the cup, and will be in possession of the trophy for the entirety of the following school year.

In the event of a tie in total points, the following tie breaker will be used: