Jamboree Guidelines

1. Swimming is a gender-specific sport, but jamborees will host girls and boys together. Mixed-gender relay teams may be formed if there is not a sufficient number of swimmers for a single-gender relay team.

2. There is no limit how many swimmers a school may send to a jamboree.

3. It is recommended to have two separate hosts for the 2nd and 3rd jamborees to properly accommodate the numbers of swimmers.

4. Swimmers will be grouped according to swimming ability distinguished by color-coded cards. Beginners will use green, intermediate will use yellow, and advanced will use red. Heats may combine swimmers from the next ability group (e.g. yellow with green or red). The color sequence should be green, then yellow, and finish with red.

5. The following will be the recommended 50-meter freestyle times to determine card color:

a. sub 30-39.99: Red

b. 40.00-49.99: Yellow

c. 50.00-beyond: Green

6. Jamboree hosts will only use the color-card system for recording times during jamborees.

7. All M.S. students may be included regardless of ability, as long as they can swim at least 50 meters continuously, unaided by flotation devices or resting, and must attend middle school practices in order to participate in jamborees.

8. All swimmers may enter three individual events and two relays.

9. Jamborees are recommended to use meet officials to notify swimmers of infractions.

10. Swimmers should be given an explanation of errors but will not be disqualified.

Explanations include:

a. False starts (races will not be stopped unless all swimmers stop on their own)

b. Walking or pushing off the bottom of the pool (all strokes)

c. Backstroke: performing more than two strokes on their front, breaststroke kick

d. Breaststroke: scissor kick or flutter kick, one-handed touch, improper turn

e. Butterfly: flutter kick, single-arm pull, one-handed touch

f. Turns: not touching the wall, improper stroke turn

11. Different schools may combine their swimmers to complete a relay team. This may be done at the coaches’ discretion.

12. Distance events may be offered at the end of the meet.

13. Order of events:

200 Medley Relay Girls (mixed relays swim with girls)

200 Medley Relay Boys

50 Free Girls

50 Free Boys

50 Back Girls

50 Back Boys

100 IM Girls

100 IM Boys

50 Fly Girls

50 Fly Boys

50 Breast Girls

50 Breast Boys

100 Free Girls

100 Free Boys

200 Free Relay Girls (mixed relays swim with girls)

200 Free Relay Boys

KAIAC Championship Guidelines

a. Tournament Set-up

i. Each school will determine the eligibility for the members of its team. Teams may have a maximum of 10 girls and 10 boys for its teams.

ii. The tournament will be run using HyTek Meet Manager. All schools will submit entries when requested.

iii. Points will be calculated using the same scoring system as the HS KAIAC tournament (Section V, Article G, point 14 of the KAIAC Constitution).

1. 1st Place: 20 points

2. 2nd Place: 18 points

3. 3rd Place: 16 points

4. 4th Place: 15 points

5. 5th Place: 14 points

6. Etc. - continuing down to 1.

7. Relay points will be double using this system.

iv. All heats are finals. There will not be any preliminary heats.

v. The host will post scores at the conclusion of the tournament.

vi. Each school is required to provide at least one volunteer.

vii. Program of events will be the same as jamborees, but there will not be any mixed-gender teams.

b. Disqualifications

i. Judges will be used to determine infractions following FINA Swimming Rules and Regulations. DQs will be used.

ii. Disqualifications may result from actions such as not getting to the starting blocks on time, false starting, walking on or pushing off the bottom of the pool, pulling on the lane lines, or having unsportsmanlike behavior.

c. Entries

i. Swimmers may enter 2 individual events and 2 relays.

ii. Teams may enter up to 3 individual swimmers per event.

iii. Teams may enter up to 2 teams per relay. No swimmer may be on both relay teams for the same event.

iv. Any known scratches should be communicated in writing to the host upon arrival at the tournament.

d. Championship Plaque

i. A separate plaque will be given to girls team champion and boys team champion.

ii. A combined overall champion will be announced, but no additional plaque will be given.